International Student Animated Film Animafantasia Festival invites the international community to join us to delight in all things animated. After months of preparation and anticipation, we are excited to release the new visual identity from our collaborative efforts for International Student Animated Film Animafantasia Festival.

Team: International Student Animated Film Animafantasia Festival is run by ”George Enescu” National Arts University, Graphics Department.

ISAFAF is well known as a progressive and inclusive festival that celebrates a wide variety of animation, standing in close contact with the audience and connecting the animation sector.
The animation is everywhere, from the smallest smartphone screen to the largest cinematic projection. International Student Animated Film Animafantasia Festival unites artists, practitioners, students and enthusiasts and all those in between to savour the many and varied achievements of the animated form.

International Student Animated Film Animafantasia Festival, dating back to 2011, is the oldest and largest of its kind in the North-Eastern European region. The triennial festival now takes place on October in the town of Iassy. We want to build an animated world in three days.

The festival is a professional arena for the animation industry, as well as an important event for students and educational institutions within animation, graphic design and digital media production. Each edition, top animation industry professionals hold seminars and lectures, and the festival has previously hosted guests from national creative area.

Don’t miss out on your chance to meet fresh animation talent from art schools in Iassy, Romania. Check out the latest animated gems, find out about current and future trends, meet up with up-and-coming talents, find out new associates and partners… in the fun and friendly atmosphere of the International Student Animated Film Animafantasia Festival.

If you’re an animation insider or just want to see something unique, you don’t have to be an animation fan to join us for animated short competitions, feature films, retrospective screenings, workshops, networking events, panel discussions, seminars and screen talks from the industry’s finest over three packed days– this year, online activities only.

Festivalul Animafantasia 2023

Miercuri, 25 octombrie 2023 la ora 15:00, Institutul Francez din Iași găzduiește festivitatea de deschidere a Festivalului [...]

Expoziție galeria Aparte

Vă invităm să vizitați expoziția  PALINDROM semnată de Monica Pop. Expoziția este deschisă în începând cu data [...]