Master studies have as objective the specialization in a direction of study in the field of visual arts, obtaining complementary skills to bachelor studies, part of the transmitted knowledge having an interdisciplinary character, specialization of the graduate in a theoretical or practical direction, training in artistic or scientific research activities, providing the study base for individual artistic research (PhD).

Full-time study programmes, 2 years, 120 credits:

  • Painting
  • Sculpture – Contemporary Practices
  • Graphics, Illustration, Animation
  • Photography and Video art
  • Mural art and Ceramics in Public Space
  • Fashion Studies
  • Design
  • Conservation and Restoration of the Work of Art
  • Theories and practices in the visual arts

The curriculum plans for the master academic studies contain advanced knowledge subjects within the field of master academic studies and complementary training modules, required for a fast integration of the graduate into the labour market.

Graduation exam – a theoretical paper drawn up at the completion of the master studies, of at least 40 pages, elaborated on a topic chosen by the candidate, possibly having as imagistic support the original creations of the candidate or reproductions of significant works in the history of art.