The academic calendar for 2022-2023

Semester I

03 Oct 2022 – 21 Dec. 2022 – Courses (11 weeks)
22 Dec. 2022– 04 Jan. 2023 – Christmas Holiday (2 weeks)
05 Jan. 2023 – 22 Jan. 2023 –  Courses (2 weeks)
23 Jan. 2023 – 12 Feb. 2023 – Exam session (3 weeks)
13 Feb. 2023 – 19 Feb. 2023 – Holiday / Re-examination (1 week)

Semester II

20 Feb. – 11 Apr. 2023 – Courses (7 weeks)
12 Apr. – 18 Apr. 2023 – Easter Holiday (1 week)
19 April – 04 June 2022 – Courses (6 weeks)
05 June – 24 June 2023 – Exam session (3 weeks)
04 September – 17 September 2023 – Re-examination (2 weeks)


About Romania and Iasi

For preparing your mobility, follow the information concerning the accommodation and life in Iasi-Romania:

Check the general information about studying in Romania at

And about studying in Iasi at:

Map of Iasi city:


Arrival in Iasi – Romania
  1. Buy a Romanian prepaid card for mobile phone, with internet data
  2. You can arrive in Iasi by airplane (book a direct flight or via Bucharest), by bus or by train. After your arrival at Bucharest airport Otopeni, you have the following options:

– book plane tickets to Iasi with TAROM or BLUEAIR flight company (less than one hour flight);

– take a big bus ride to Iasi for a 6 hours travel: TEISA (, MASSARO (, Autovip and other companies (,  and BLA BLA CAR ( Some bus companies are picking up travelers from Otopeni airport directly;

– stay over the night in Bucharest and take a morning train to Iasi;

– take a train / a sleeping car or a bus to Iasi, so you can go straight to “Gara de Nord” (la Gare du Nord/ North Railway station) or the center of Bucharest.

The basic idea is to arrive in Bucharest between 8:00 in the morning and 17-18:00 in the evening, in order to catch a bus to the center of Bucharest or to “Gara de Nord” (la Gare du Nord/ North Railway station).

For the ride to Bucharest – Gara de Nord, take a honest taxi driver like UBER – or “MERIDIAN”-, or “MONDIAL” – or the one recommended by the airport. The private taxi drivers ask too much money :-).

A bus ride to Gara de Nord: about 20 – 30 minutes; cost: about 10-15 Euros paid in ROL= lei – you can exchange currency in the airport. Routes as well as any bus in Bucharest information can be found at STB -Transport Society Bucuresti (bus 780).

Take a first class train ticket (it’s really cheap for you, approx. 20 euros) in a high class train (IRN, IR, IC).

You can also travel by sleeping car (23:30). The ride takes about 6 hours 18 min. (arrive in Iasi in the morning).

Abbreviations: IC = interCity, IRN = InterRegioNight, IR = interRegio (rapid and accelerate trains) R = regio (regional train).

Do not take R = personal, it’s low class, slow and not comfortable.
Trains timetable can be found on the website There is also a train taking you from Bucharest airport Otopeni to the North Railway station of Bucharest, the place from where you can take the train to Iasi.

Our University

Buildings of George Enescu National University of Arts from Iasi:

  1. Faculty of Visual Arts and Design (“Facultatea de Arte vizuale si Design”) – Street Sararie 189, 700451 (10 min. ride with a taxi from railway station, cost about 1-1.5 Euros paid in ROL Romanian leu);
  2. Rectorate (main building of the university) and the International relations office: Moldova Philharmonic building (Cuza-Voda street no 29, 700040), first level.



There are couple possibilities:

  1. At your arrival, if the accommodation is not already arranged, you will stay a few days in our students hostel dormitory C1 (2 students in the room) – in Bularga neighborhood, within High school Anghel Saligny, on strada Bucium no. 17, tel. 0040 332 101005, mobile 0040 743 917 227 – Mrs. administrator Ana ENACHE , or maybe you would prefer to stay with some Romanian students in their apartment, and during that time we will help you find an apartment to suit your wishes.

We do NOT offer SINGLE rooms in our student campus. In the student campus, the room will be shared with another international student of the same gender.

  1. We can support you to find a private apartment together with other Erasmus Plus/ Erasmus-Mundus students (price: 150-200 Euros/ month/ person + expenses e.g. heat, electric power, gas – around 30 Euros in the winter; it’s better to take large apartments with 2-4 rooms for 2-4 students). An extra fee may apply in the beginning (renters charge the amount of one month rent).

Check the residence address from: and Iassium residence, also , , .

The ESN from Iasi could provide a buddy and social and cultural activities with and for Erasmus incomings.

Check the residence address from Iasi: and Iassium residence .

Visa and residence permit for Iasi – Romania
  1. For a short stay 90 days within 180 days, UE citizens do not need visa. (UE countries, Republic of Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine are among of the countries the nationals of which are exempted to obtain a short-stay visa in order to travel to Romania, in accordance with the provisions of Regulation EU 1806/2018). Also, for period under 90 days, their citizens do not need residence permit.
  2. If the duration of your Erasmus+ mobility is longer than 3 months, a residence permit is needed. The Eramus+ / foreign students should present themselves at the IAŞI County Immigration Service

Address: str. Mihai Costăchescu, nr. 6, Iaşi

Telephone: +40232-302315, 0232-302322

Fax: 0232-302315, Email:


– Copy of ID card / passport:

– Documents to attest the quality of assured:

Health assurances signed with private health assurance societies on Romanian territory. There are not accepted health insurances for touristic purpose.

– Proof of living means: for study purpose, a declaration on her/his own responsibility that she can sustain herself with at least 135 lei per month (almost 42 USD or 31 euro) or  proof of financial means in amount of at least the minimum net wage economy.

– Proof of accommodation.

– Certificate of health.

– Prooftobeingregister as a student:  fromouruniversity (adeverinta).

– Taxes for the residence permit (around 5 USD or 3.5 euro).


Organising Institutions’ Information Forms for Intensive Romanian Language Courses in 2021

In our town – Iasi –  we recommend you “ALEXANDRU IOAN CUZA” UNIVERSITY.

For any other information or question, please feel free to contact us.