Born in 1860, the music academe of Iași experienced, in time, several forms of organization, and each of these has been a step towards what we want to build today: a modern European education which is rooted in the tradition of the previous centuries but which blends with the new technologies, innovations and ideas about man, art, society and globalism in the 21st century.

Our faculty’s undergraduate programme (BMus) offers all the traditional specializations, namely Music Performance (vocal or instrumental), Composition (classical or jazz & pop), Choral or Orchestral Conducting, and Musicology. To these are added two more specializations: Music, whose main aim is to prepare future music teachers, and Sacred Music, which focuses on the Byzantine chant and the research of the cultural and musical area specific to our geographical location.

The Faculty of Interpretation, Composition and Theoretical Music Studies also offers the following professional Master programmes (MMus): Music Performance, Traditional and Academic Music Cultures, Musicology, Composition, Conducting, as well as a Doctoral programme (DMus).

Our Faculty is fortunate to be part of a University that encompasses all the arts as this allows for syncretic events to take place within the institution. Moreover, our relationship with the other music colleges and universities in Romania are particularly fruitful as concerns both the staff and the students. Last but not least, our international visibility is achieved through frequent academic exchanges (the Erasmus programme), indexed journals (Artes. Journal of Musicology; Review of Artistic Education), as well as our students’ participation in international concerts and festivals.

The Faculty’s mission entwines education, artistic creativity and academic research and aims primarily at forming future artists (instrumentalists, singers, conductors, composers), music scientists (musicologists, Byzantinologists), music critics, managers and impresarios. Our students also have the opportunity to attend the courses of the Department for Teacher Training, Level I (undergraduate) and Level II (M.A.), in order to become accredited school teachers.

Our teaching management is focused on renewing the contents and teaching methods by organising complementary activities of information, further training and professional motivation such as the Master Classes of chamber music, instrumental performance/singing, Byzantine chant, choral / orchestral conducting and jazz, all held by personalities of contemporary music.

We are very particular in organizing our students’ artistic practice within the University’s concert season as well as in collaboration with several cultural institutions (the Philharmonic, music theaters, museums and so on). We have created a challenging and stimulating environment that favors proficiency by initiating and supporting several national and international student competitions such as The International Clarinet and Saxophone Festival and CompetitionIon Voicu International Violin Competition – in collaboration with “Moldova” State Philharmonic,the National Musicology Competition Musicologia mirabilisAlexandru Zirra Composition ContestThe Jazz Composition Contest and Dinu Lipatti Piano Competition.


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