Subordinated to the Faculty of Interpretation, Composition and Theoretical Music Studies and the Doctoral School in Music at the National University of Arts “George Enescu” Iasi, the center was established and accredited by CNCSIS in 2004. It currently operates based on the Senate Decision of February 2012. integrates and supports research in the field of academic and traditional music, manifested through musicological, interpretive and compositional creations of teachers, doctoral students and master’s students.

The objectives of the Center for Research and Artistic Creation “Music Science”:

  • the inclusion in a holistic vision of the compositional creation, of the musical interpretation and of the musicology practiced by the teachers, doctoral students and master students of the faculty.
  • organization of symposia, conferences, colloquia, training sessions, seminars and debates in all branches of music theory and practice, aiming at relating musical disciplines and professions, fields and research topics, in the transdisciplinary and intercultural spirit of contemporaneity;
  • elaboration and coordination of research / creation projects or cultural projects meant to stimulate the investigation of the past and present of Iasi art, promotion of young artists, relationship of identity features with emblems of universal musical culture;
  • initiation and development of collaboration relations with different Romanian and international institutions aiming at carrying out research activities, promotion of the artistic product, cultural-artistic education of young people and adults.
  • polarizing the interest and activity of specialists in the approached fields, favoring the contacts and cooperation between the different institutions, as well as the collaboration between the authorities and the civil society;
  • editing, translating and publishing scores and scientific papers, editing CDs, DVDs – author’s achievements of members of the Iași music community.

Main Activities

The publication of studies and works capitalizing on the results of research on a national and international level through the Center’s journals: Artes and Byzantion.

Since 2017, Artes Journal of Musicology (redactor șef: prof. univ. dr. Laura Vasiliu; comitetul editorial: conf. univ. dr. Gabriela Vlahopol, conf. univ. dr. Diana Beatrice Andron, conf. univ. dr. Zamfira Dănilă, lect. univ. dr. Rosina Caterina Filimon)

Since 2017, the Artes Journal of Musicology (editor, Prof. PhD. Laura Vasiliu; editorial board: Assoc. Prof. PhD. Gabriela Vlahopol, Assoc. Prof. PhD. Diana Beatrice Andron, Assoc. Prof. PhD. Zamfira Dănilă, Lecturer PhD.Rosina Caterina Filimon) also includes the results of Byzantine research alongside those specific to general musicology.

Now the research activity of the center is provided by 3 musicology journals: Artes Journal of Musicology, Musicologia Mirabilis (coordinator Assoc. Prof. PhD. Loredana Iațeșen, Assoc. Prof. PhD. Diana Beatrice Andron) and by Arta on-line review (coordinator Assoc. Prof. PhD. Loredana Iațeșen, Assistant Prof. PhD. Mihaela Georgiana Balan).

Other Activities:

  • the periodic organization of symposia, conferences or musicology congresses in collaboration with universities and/or international organizations;
  • the organization of festivals and competitions with the student participation (Romanian Music Festival, „Alexandru Zirra” Composition Competition, Musicologia mirabilis – Musicology Competition, Musical interpretation competitions);
  • organizing and promoting the music season of UNAGE.