At the proposal of Mihail Kogălniceanu, ad-interim Minister of Culture and Public Instruction, on September 11, 1860, the Ruler of the United Principalities of Moldova and Wallachia, Alexandru Ioan I, signed the decree setting up The School of Music and Declamation in Iasi under the direction of G. Spiro.

Between 1861-1931, Francis Caudella, Constantin Gros, Eduard Caudella, Gavriil Musicescu, Enrico Mezzetti succeeded in leadership.

On November 19, 1931, George Enescu is awarded the title of Honor Rector, and, on this occasion, the musician accepted the institution in Iasi to bear his name, respectively “George Enescu” Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.


1931-1933Ștefan Dimitrescupictor, violoncelist
Student of the School of Fine Arts of Iaşi (since 1905), Ştefan Dimitrescu will become also, a professor (since 1927) at the School that formed him, two years later acceding at its direction. Becoming the Academy of Fine Arts in 1931, it will have as rector the artist who militated for the important change. In fact, he involved intensely in the modernisation activity of the artistic education of Iaşi, managing to do a series of reforms which led to its restructuration.
1933-1937Alexandru D. Atanasiuanother promoter of the culture of Iaşi, who ensured the occupation of the Rector position between 1933 and 1937. Professor since 1908, of Geometrical Drawing, perspective and calligraphy, he involved in the rehabilitation of the Academy’s building, as well as in the extension of the area of the Pinacotheca, whose custodian he was and he established the section of Ethnography of the Museum.
1937-1939Nicolae Tonitzapainter, he will follow Ştefan Dimitrescu at the Chair, continuing his didactic work. As a new rector of the Academy (from 1937 to 1939), he will face the decision of the Ministry to assimilate the Academy of Fine Arts of Iaşi with the secondary education.
1939-1941Roman Simionescu
1941-1945Iorgu Iordan
1945-1948Otto BrieseBack from the refugee in 1945 and reinstalled in the old building of Academia Mihaileana, the Academy of Fine Arts of Iaşi will be transformed in 1949 in the Institute of Fine Arts. From 1945 to 1950, the Academy (then from 1949, the Institute) will be managed by Otto Briese (in 1911, he was named also the custodian of the Pinacotheca). The former student of the School of Arts of Iaşi (from 1906 to 1911) will make a short documentary trip to Vienna and Munich in 1906, the personal seriousness finding here its adequate environment.
1948-1950Achim StoiaProfessor beginning with 1943 of the disciplines theory and solfeggio, harmony and choir arrangements. He insisted on the re-establishment of the Iaşi Conservatoire for ten years. On 1 October 1960 he was appointed Rector, receiving the mission to regroup the “George Enescu” Conservatoire in a single place and under unique management. From 1948 to 1961 he was a resident conductor of the Moldova State Philharmonic Orchestra. From 1950 to 1959 he also was the director of the institution, founding the Gavriil Musicescu Choir of the Philharmonic Orchestra in 1953.
1950-1952Alexandru Sahighian
1973-1974 și
Mihail CozmeiFor five decades, he was a professor of Music History, Musicology and Musical Aesthetics, starting in 1961. From 2001, he was also one of the first Doctoral Studies Advisor at the University of Arts of Iaşi. He also worked as course director, dean (1965-1976) and rector (1973-1974; 1976-1984). He initiated and managed the festival Vacanțele Muzicale de la Piatra Neamţ (1972-1984) and The Romanian Music Festival (1973-1992).
1974-1976Ion BaciuProfessor, conductor of the student orchestra and Rector (1974-1976) of George Enescu Academy of Arts. He studied at the Conservatoire of Bucharest with Constantin Silvestri. In 1962 he became the permanent conductor of the Iaşi State Philharmonic Orchestra and in 1968 he was also named Manager of this institution. For 25 years, the personality of Ion Baciu was identified with the musical life of Iaşi: conductor and Manager of the Philharmonic Orchestra, guest conductor at the State Opera, always invited in the Radio Studio of Iași.
1984-1989Dan Hatmanuwas a coordinator of the Painting-Restoration section, a Professor of Drawing during the first academic year 1977/78, but he also the position of Dean (1968-1972), and that of Rector of the Conservatoire (1984-1990), actively and successfully involving in the fight against its dissolution.
1990Iulia Bucescuwas a reputed teacher of Theory and solfeggios from 1962 to 1990. For a short period of time – 1990 -, she was rector of the “George Enescu” Academy of Arts/of the conservatoire. Iulia Bucescu published innumerable works with a didactic purpose, especially appreciated by pupils, students, teachers: courses and methods, volumes of solfeggios and dictation.
1990-1997Nicolae GâscăStarting in 1965, he worked for almost five decades as a professor of conducting, theory and solfeggio, musical forms and analyses, history of music at the Iaşi Conservatoire. He is a founder (in 1976) and conductor of the chamber choir Cantores amicitiae. He conducted more than 1000 symphonic, chamber and choral concerts in Romania and abroad: Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, UK, Mexico, Spain, USA.
1997-2000Nicolae GâscăFrom 1990 to 2000, he was Rector of the George Enescu National University of Arts.
2000-2004Dimitrie Gavrileanbegan his artistic and didactic career in Iaşi at Octav Băncilă High School of Art. He became a professor at the Faculty of Drawing of 1969 and then, eight years later, at the Conservatoire’s Faculty of Plastic Arts of Iaşi, the artist will own the title of rector of George Enescu University of Arts of Iaşi during 2000-2004. During this period, the painter and professor Dimitrie Gavrilean had an important contribution at the improvement of education conditions in the existing premises, by enhancing and reorganising the building of Str. Horia nr. 7-9, as well as by providing new premises.
2004-2012Viorel MunteanuSince 1969, professor at some departments: counterpoint, theory of instruments, musical composition. During 2004-2012, he occupied the position of rector at George Enescu University of Arts of Iaşi. Since 2001, he is a PhD advisor. He is doctor honoris causa of Ovidius Constanţa University, of Valahia Târgovişte University, of Ştefan cel Mare Suceava University and of Gheorghe Dima Cluj-Napoca Music Academy.
2012-2020Atena Elena Simionescuillustrator, initiator of the Graphics Department at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Decorative and Design. Since 2016, the University has changed its title to the “George Enescu” National University of Arts. Initiating new programs, with attractiveness and correlated with the labor market, which is expanding abroad with new specializations in English language and international recognition.
2020-Aurelian Bălăițăprofessor from the Faculty of Theater, in 2020 was elected rector, being always concerned with the institutional development and diversification of the educational offer by Thus, in 2020, with the approval of the University Senate, he established the Institute for Multidisciplinary Research in Art, creating numerous opportunities for development of the scientific research and artistic creation. In 2021, he organizes in Iași the founding framework of the Arts University Consortium, aiming to develop collaboration in the scientific and didactic fields between the participating Universities, by promoting common values and carrying out projects in partnership.