The mission of the Committee is to develop the concept and implement a functional quality management system in the “George Enescu” National University of Arts from Iasi, as well as its continuous adaptation to the requirements of Romanian and European higher education.

The Evaluation and Quality Assurance Committee fulfills the following tasks:

  1. develops and coordinates the implementation of quality assurance and evaluation procedures and activities approved by the management body.
  2. elaborates annually, by the established date, through internal procedures, a report on the quality of educational services in the university and proposes improvement measures. The report is brought to the attention of all direct and indirect beneficiaries of education services by display or publication on the university’s website; the annual report summarizes the internal self-assessment and is made available to an external evaluator – the Romanian Agency for quality assurance in higher education (ARACIS).
  3. annually conducts surveys to investigate the opinions of students, graduates, and employers on the quality of educational services;
  4. develops its own database and information on the quality of educational services provided, structured on standards and performance indicators at institutional level and on each study program;
  5. develops proposals for quality improvement considering the reference standards and the Guide for Good Practice developed by ARACIS.


President, Prof. PhD Codrina Laura Ioniță,

Prof. PhD Anca Doina Ciobotaru, Assoc. Prof. PhD Ecaterina Marghidan, Prof. PhD Eugenia Maria Pașca, Prof. PhD Doru Albu,

Students: Aruștei Dorotheea, Bodron Alexandru, Cojocaru Karina,

Union representative, Andreea Ivanov- Mera,

Alumni: Paul Pintilie.