“George Enescu” National University of Arts in Iasi operates as an educational and research institution, with the mission of creating and capitalizing the knowledge.

The university assumes the role of transmitting knowledge to the new generations, while addressing the entire society, for permanent education and training. The University grants professional qualifications in the labour market. As a PhD organizing institution, the University confers the scientific title of PhD.

“George Enescu” National University of Arts in Iasi promotes excellence in creation, research, and innovation; supports the principles and norms of professional ethics in the academic Community; promotes freedom of expression, justice, equity, non-discrimination, and equal opportunities; respects and supports intellectual property rights. Through the provisions of the University Charter in force, the Rector is responsible for quality assurance management in UNAGE, which implies the fulfillment of a set of tasks regarding all sectors of activity, which converge toward this fundamental objective. The ongoing reform of quality university education requires several measures aimed at:

  • Creating the conditions of transparency in work for the new quality assessment Commissions that will be established at the level of Departments, Faculties, University Senate;
  • Making the Commissions assessing the quality to work more efficient at all levels to optimize the content of the programs, the monitoring of the activities, the specific reportings;
  • Continuously increasing the quality of the human resource of the university;
  • Reviewing all the regulations for the functioning of the University, bringing them in line with the latest legislative regulations, the specifics, and strategies of the University;
  • The implementation of these regulations;
  • Correct monitoring of all activities, presentation of qualitative analyzes in specific documents and on the permanently updated website of the University;
  • Possibility of external evaluations other than ARACIS: EUA evaluation, Salyburg Seminar evaluation, possibility of „peer review” assessments for the work of departments, research centers, University journals;
  • Awareness that ensuring the quality determines the optimal, unitary, harmonious functioning of all departments and aspects of academic life.

For the entire community of UNAGE – students, teachers, all structures, and leadership the functioning at the best parameters of a system of continuous qualitative updating of the educational offer, artistic creation and scientific research is an essential priority. Therefore, the implementation, maintenance and continuous development of the quality management system is part of the mission and strategy of achieving a performant education system in our university. Rector, Prof. PhD. Aurelian Bălăiță