The university Senate represents the university community and is the supreme governing body of  “George Enescu” National University of Arts in Iasi.

It has the functions of deliberation, decision and control and ensures the management of the university in accordance with the legislation existing at the time of its operation, with the provisions of the UNAGE Iasi Charter, as well as with its own decisions and choices on its functioning.

The Senate respects and guarantees the principles of university autonomy and academic freedom.

The decisions of the Senate are final and binding on all executive, administrative bodies and on the entire community of the university. These can be changed only by the senate.

All academic, administrative, and executive structures of UNAGE are subordinated to the Senate and are obliged to respond to its requests and interpellations or to its specialized commissions.

The structure and size of the University senate are established to ensure the decision-making efficiency and representativeness of the academic community. The way of organization and its responsibilities are provided in the Charter and in the Rules of organization and functioning of the UNAGE Senate.

Senate Board

Prof. PhD. Atena-Elena Simionescu

Prof. PhD. Eugenia-Maria Pașca