The “George Enescu” National University of Arts in Iași promotes excellence in creation, pedagogy, research, innovation, human development through the contribution of the arts; supports the principles and norms of professional ethics in the academic community; promotes freedom of expression, justice, fairness, non-discrimination and equal opportunities; respects and upholds intellectual property rights.

The pages of the University’s rich history, 160 years old, include a series of great personalities who have contributed and contribute substantially to the national and world cultural treasure. Being attentive, active, anchored in the present, we can be a natural bridge between the valuable past, which we are proud of and the future we are responsible for building in the natural coordinates of harmonious development.

We are constantly concerned with the improvement of the educational offer, organized on the three academic levels of Bachelor, Master and Doctorate, in a range of programs in music, theater and visual arts, which meet current requirements and foreshadow future ones in the context of socio- economic development, multidisciplinarity and multiculturalism. Our institution, of national rank, is the only University in Romania that gathers all the branches of arts under one dome, having a well-deserved international prestige, gained through the high quality of educational services and the activity of research and artistic creation.


Prof. PhD. Aurelian BĂLĂIȚĂ