“George Enescu” National University of Arts has the main goal of developping the modalities of scientific research and artistic creation in the fields of Visual Arts, Music, and Arts of the theatrical performance, to become a pole of excellence recognized nationally and internationally. The research activities of the institution include both scientific research fundamental in art history and theory, theatre, artistic education and musicology, and innovative forms of artistic creation based on research, in line with the development and innovation policies implemented by most higher institutions of artistic education in the European area.

The research carried out within UNAGE stands out in the national and European landscape by promoting the collaboration between the three fields of the arts. Also, through the Multidisciplinary Research Institute in Arts and through the Research centres within the three faculties, UNAGE supports the implementation of “artistic research” projects, understood as an activity of interference between scientific research and artistic creation. UNAGE encourages research partnerships with Research institutes and Universities in the relevant field, as well as with non-profit cultural institutions that contribute to the dissemination of knowledge at national and European level.