The MA studies in Theories and Practices in the Visual Arts at the Faculty of Visual Arts and Design, “George Enescu” National University of the Arts in Iași (Romania), is an experimental two years programme providing knowledge and facilitating critical and creative practices from the perspective of three trajectories of study and research based on the interest of each particular student: theoretical research, artistic research, or curatorial research.

The MA studies in Theories and Practices in the Visual Arts can be completed with either a theoretical dissertation or a practical dissertation in the field of “practice-based research” or “curatorial research”, accompanied by an argumentative essay. In the field of “curatorial research”, a student can elaborate a theoretical study in a specific topic of curating or conceive and install an exhibition.

The teaching staff includes professors in the field of visual arts practices and theories who teach courses in a theoretical, analytical, and technical format and coordinate students’ exploratory and critical research projects, as well as the production of solo exhibitions, curated exhibitions, and theoretical studies in the visual arts and curating.

The students are actively involved in their professional formation as critical theorists, artists-as-researchers, or independent/institutional curators, learning, researching, and producing from their position in the pluriveral worlds of social life, politics, cultural education, urban exploration and intervention, critical writing, building audiences, and creating circumstances and conditions for understanding art as an advanced tool of production and interpretation.