Art of the movie actor master’s degree Program represent full-time courses lasting 2 years, 120 credits and shall be completed by graduation exam, which confers the legal right to enroll in the PhD and to practice in university education. The program aims at the theoretical and practical training of graduates in the theatre field with competences in the field of movie, as well as the development of fundamental and applied scientific research activity in the field of specialization and related fields.

The qualification that can be obtained upon graduation of the master’s degree program; Producer of Radio-TV shows – 265409; TV presenter editor – 265425; Movie instructor – 265403; New occupations proposed to be included in the COR: Movie actor

The competition’s trials for admission

  • Test I: interview, accompanied by a personal Curriculum Vitae, 50% of the grade
  • Test II: practical test, 50% of the grade.