Centre for Research and artistic creation, Art of the theatre – study and creation, was created in 2003 in the Theatre Department. The objectives of research and creation of all the members of the centre are related to:

  • the training of specialists able to carry out high-level theoretical and practical research in the field of theatrical art, in the spirit of university reform and the integration of romanian education in european academic structures;
  • participation in national and international scientific and artistic cooperation programs through joint grants/research projects;
  • the initiation and development of research and artistic creation projects with applicability in different areas of community life (education, social dialog, use of free time for the benefit of quality of life, etc.);
  • highlighting the results of the research by organizing scientific communication sessions, national and international symposiums, national and international artistic tours, creative camps, organizing festivals of performing art, exhibitions (scenography, posters, puppets, masks, costumes), debates, workshops;
  • organizing theatrical art events involving the scenic experiment, in the context of the evolution of european theatre art (experimental performances, syncretic performances, performances after classical and modern dramaturgy);
  • providing advice and expertise;
  • editing scientific publications and stage creation.

Starting with 2004, within the Research Center, the Journal Theatrical Colloquia, is published, through the equal participation of young researchers, but also of some consecrated personalities of the Romanian and international theatrical life, a magazine indexed by BDI.

The conferences organized by the Faculty of Theatre, started in 2015, are addressed to university professors, researchers, students, master students and PhD students interested and specialized in the field of Theatre and performance arts.

Scientific Council:

  • Prof. PhD. habil. Aurelian Bălăiţă
  • Prof. PhD. habil. Raluca Bujoreanu – Huțanu
  • Prof. PhD. habil. Anca Doina Ciobotaru
  • Prof. PhD. habil. Octavian Jighirgiu
  • Prof. PhD. habil. Anca Rusu
  • Lecturer PhD. habil. Ioana Petcu – secretar
  • Lecturer PhD. habil. Antonela Cornici
  • Lecturer PhD. habil. Adrian Buliga

Hononary members:

  • Prof. PhD. Sorina Bălănescu
  • Prof. PhD. Constantin Paiu
  • Prof. PhD. Mihaela Arsenescu Werner
  • Prof. PhD. Emil Coşeru
  • Assoc. prof. PhD. Gavril Constantin Sirițeanu


  • Prof. PhD. habil. Aurelian Bălăiţă
  • Prof. PhD. habil. Raluca Bujoreanu – Huțanu
  • Prof. PhD. habil. Anca Doina Ciobotaru
  • Prof. PhD. Ciprian Huţanu
  • Prof. PhD. habil. Octavian Jighirgiu
  • Prof. PhD. habil. Anca Rusu
  • Prof. PhD. Ion Mircioagă
  • Asoc. prof. PhD. Doru Aftanasiu
  • Asoc. prof. PhD. Lorette Enache
  • Asoc. prof. PhD. Ligia Grozdan
  • Asoc. prof. PhD. Oana Sandu
  • Asoc. prof. PhD. Irina Scutariu
  • Asoc. prof. PhD. Doru Zaharia
  • Asoc. prof. PhD. Alexandru Radu Petrescu
  • Lecturer PhD. habil. Călin Ciobotari
  • Lecturer PhD. Carmen Antochi
  • Lecturer PhD. Ioana Bujoreanu
  • Lecturer PhD. Adrian Buliga
  • Lecturer PhD. Dumitriana Condurache
  • Lecturer PhD. Tamara Constantinescu
  • Lecturer PhD. Antonella Cornici
  • LLecturer PhD. Emanuel Florentin
  • Lecturer PhD. Ioana Petcu
  • Lecturer PhD. Cristina Todi
  • Lecturer PhD. Anca Ciofu
  • Asist. prof. PhD. Cristi Avram
  • Asist. prof. PhD. Florin Caracala
  • Asist. prof. PhD. Alice – Ioana Florentin
  • Asist. prof. PhD. Iulia Moraru

Associate members

  • CS I dr. Gabriela Haja – Institut of Philology, Iași
  • Toma Hogea – actor
  • Irina Dabija – professor
  • Cristina Rădulescu – filolog, National Theatre of Iași
  • Nic Ularu – scenograf
  • Carmen Hăisan – actor
  • Ecaterina Ciofu – actor freelancer
  • Mihai Cornea – actor freelancer
  • Tiberiu Gabor Bitere – actor
  • Dumitru Georgescu – actor
  • Ioana Iordache – actor
  • Andrei Emilian – actor freelancer
  1. Theoretical studies
  2. Artistic creation and research projects – workshop  performances, applications, installations
  3. Consultanț – granted to partners in pre-university, university and non-governmental organizations
  4. Development of theatrical pedagogy strategies and teaching materials
  5. Structuring funded projects and promoting.