Artistic Entrepreneurship and Management master’s degree program represent full-time courses lasting 2 years, 120 credits and shall be completed by graduation exam, which confers the legal right to enroll in the PhD and to practice in university education. The program is aimed at people involved in various spheres of activity of the cultural field, graduates who already possess a university degree or at young professionals in the cultural field from the entire North-East region of Romania, from the Republic of Moldova and Northern Bukovina. The study program aims to provide practical, theoretical, and conceptual information on artistic management and entrepreneurship, providing those interested with theoretical and operational analysis tools necessary for the development of cultural and artistic business.

The qualification that can be obtained upon graduation of the ARTISTIC ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND MANAGEMENT Master’s degree program, according to COR, is Production organizer – 265433.

The competition’s trials for admission

Test 1– artistic creation project / scientific research / didactic activity, previously written – eliminatory test.

The written text of the project, written in Times New Roman, body 14, A4 format, at 1,5 spaces between lines, will have a maximum of 3 pages. The project will have the following structure: the purpose of the project, the stages of deployment, the applicative or experimental part.

Test 2 – interview based on the artistic creation project/scientific research/didactic activity, previously written – oral test.