The aim of the study program consists of training competent specialists towards the artistic dimension of contemporary textiles as for design textile objects and print collections in accordance with specific trends and requests depending on historical perspectives and evolution of design principles. Here is carried out quality education, scientific and artistic research combined with theoretical issues, technical and technological skills.

The students experience the artistic values of textiles and specific techniques. The program studies lasts for three years. In the first year there are introductory disciplines that provide basic knowledge for this field. In the next two years students study essential courses for their training as professional designer artists.

Graduates have the opportunity to continue their master’s studies lasting for 2 years at the Faculty of Visual Arts and Design. Students have opportunities to exhibit their achievements in annual exhibitions (Textile and Ultra Universe) and in Texpo Art International Textile Art Triennial organized by Textile Arts – Textile Design study programand by the Union of Visual Artists in Romania. We are connected to the academic, business and artistic environment both on national and international level, through Erasmus inter-university mobility programs and through internship contracts, internships, specific events, exhibitions, fairs.

Future is unique for everyone and for this reason the Textile Arts department trains exceptional specialists for the competitive contemporary society, promoting artists and beginner designers who create projects that makes the world beautiful.