The study program trains specialists in the field of mural art (decorative, environmental, religious, ceramic art).

Our graduates can become fine arts teachers for pre-university or university education and their level of training is appropriate to continue their master and doctoral studies. One of our constant concerns is to train future graduates for artistic creation, both in this field and in complementary visual-artistic fields, promoting interdisciplinary artistic research models compatible with national and international cultural-artistic life.

Environmental mural art study program offers students the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary in the process of creating mural paintings in urban space. This program covers a wide range of creative possibilities between private and public space, combining traditional techniques such as: mosaic, sgraffito, stained glass and fresco with modern techniques, such as: acrylic painting, contemporary explorations as for the usage of modules from various synthetic materials, installation

Ceramics study program aims to provide students with skills as for the involvement of ceramic materials as a medium of artistic expression through the use of traditional or modern techniques such as manual modeling or mechanical tools, pottery wheel modeling, glazing, ceramic screen printing and so on. Students are encouraged to approach a wide range of artistic research directions, such as: wall ceramics, ceramic sculpture and practical, unique or small series products, ceramic jewelry pieces, etc.

The optional package Religious mural painting aims at research in the field of religious art and includes courses about Byzantine iconography and traditional techniques specific to this field.