The  study programme consolidates the national value dimension of the university artistic education programs, bytraining specialists for an extremely competitive professional area: Advertising Graphic Design, Engraving, Animation, Gamming. There are three study modules: Advertising Graphic Design – which develops the creativity for illustration and book as art object, typographic layout, posters; Engraving – experimental creative investigations are developed in the field of engraving, installation, compositions with a strong essayistic character; Animation – 3D animation techniques (such as Autodesk Maya, Blender, Side FX Houdini, Cinema 4D-Maxon), 2D animation (Adobe Creative Suite) and gaming (Unity, Unreal Engine) are approached.

There is a wide range of workshop disciplines including: drawing, traditional graphic composition, engraving in traditional and modern techniques, photography, animation, as well as the associated theoretical disciplines.

Students are involved in promoting actions for creative processes, like: exhibitions, biennials, triennials, creative camps, symposia, national and international conferences, festivals.

In the spirit of diversifying cultural alliances, contributions and partnerships with associated institutions are encouraged in order to coordinate important artistic events such as: lnternational Biennial of Contemporary Engraving N / E, International Animated Fantasy Student Film Festival – Animafantasia.

Facebook: @iasigrafica