The generic mission of the DESIGN study program is to provide education, quality scientific and artistic research, both in national and international context, contributing to the intellectual, professional and social life development of the individual. The outcome of the DESIGN specialization, as a result of educational activities, is competence in the three optional areas: Product Design, Graphic Design and Ambient Design.

The training of the specialists enrolled in the three educational routes is complex, taking into account that their ulterior performance area is mainly destined to a working interdisciplinary team system.

The permanent connection to the current social context and the job market, as well as to the extremely rapid progress of the technological context, that determine new areas of research in design, are a constant concern of this department, whose aim is to provide society with well-trained specialists. In relation to labor market demands, graduates are qualified to cover the segment of designing consumer goods in the contemporary, industrial context, in print shops, advertising agencies, publishing houses, media segments, domestic and commercial arrangements etc

The MA focuses on the current strategic approach issues regarding the design activity, in distinct modules within product design and graphic design area.