The Bachelor’s Degree study program for the Classical music composition specialization (starting with the 1971-1972 academic year) and the one for the Jazz and popular music composition specialization (starting with the 1994-1995academic year) – have been organized in order to train music creators, professionals ready to approach specific classical music or entertainment composition genres (jazz, popular music).

The research and composition area included in the educational program aim at acquiring and improving musical composition techniques, addressing different types of vocal and instrumental writings – from the small ensembles to the most complex ones – so that with the help of the acquired knowledge, each student to be able to develop his/her composition method, adequate to his/her skills and aspirations.

After completing their studies, the graduates of this field – composers – have the opportunity to occupy artistic reviewer, musical illustrator, TV- radio reader (record labels), producer, and music editor positions.


Compulsory Fundamental Subjects
Theory, Solfeggio, Dictate
Music history
Musical forms and analysis
Music aesthetics
Music management

Compulsory Field Subjects
Classical composition
Theory of instruments and orchestration
Choral ensemble
Composition practice
Score reading
Sound directing
Jazz and Pop composition
Jazz harmony
Jazz arrangements

Compulsory Speciality Subjects
Classical composition
Computer assisted music
Composition techniques in contemporary music
Jazz and Pop composition
Jazz ensemble
The art of improvisation
Jazz and Pop vocal performance
Jazz composition
Jazz history

Compulsory Complementary Subjects
Foreign language (English)
Complementary piano
Physical education

Optional Subjects
Classical composition
Package A
One subject out of three
Byzantine music
Jazz history
Ethics and academic integrity
Package B
One subject out of four
Classical vocal performance
Pop vocal performance
Traditional music vocal performance
Instrument (of one’s free choice)
Jazz and Pop composition
Package A
Radio-TV journalism
Ethics and academic integrity
Package B
Choral ensemble

Non-Compulsory Subjects
Traditional music ensemble
Traditional music recordings and transcriptions
Vocal performance accompaniment