The Conducting specialization (with the study directions Academic choir conducting, introduced in 1960, and Orchestra conducting, reintroduced in 2009) focuses on performing art and aims at acquiring conducting techniques while working with the assembly, the choral and orchestral sonorities, the stylistic performance techniques. On the other hand, it aims at acquiring the approaching and carrying out concert programs and repertoires methods. Learning the conducting theory and technique is achieved through individual conducting courses and scores analyses and the applicability materializes in the collaboration with the choir and the university orchestra, completion taking the form of annual concerts given by the students following these specializations.

The graduates have the opportunity to fill academic choir and orchestra (within philharmonics, opera houses, radio and television studios or various professional ensembles), art high school choir and orchestra, church choir (metropolitan and episcopal) conductor posts, and the possibility of establishing and leading amateur ensembles.


Compulsory Fundamental Subjects
Theory, Solfeggio, Dictate
Music history
Musical forms and analyses
Musical aesthetics
Music management

Compulsory Field Subjects
Conducting practice
Musical stylistics
Choral ensemble

Compulsory Speciality Subjects
Score reading
Score study
Orchestra conducting specialization
Orchestra conducting
Vocal-symphonic repertoire
Choir conducting specialization
Choir conducting
Choral arrangements
Choral repertoire analysis

Compulsory Complementary Subjects
Foreign language (English)
Complementary piano
Physical education

Optional Subjects
Package A
One subject out of three
Byzantine music
Jazz history
Ethics and academic integrity
Package B
One subject out of four
Classical vocal performance
Pop vocal performance
Traditional music vocal performance
Instrument (of one’s free choice)

Non-Compulsory Subjects
Traditional music ensemble
Traditional music recordings and transcriptions
Classical vocal performance accompaniment