Faculty of Visual Arts and Design has a study program in English, BA Painting – Fine Arts.

Students applying for international Bachelor degree programme in English have the following application periods:

  • from 19 July 2022 – 21 July 2023 (9:00 am-14:00 pm), at the secretariat of the faculty from Iași, Sărărie street, no. 189, phone 0232/225 333.
  • for 2nd admissions from 7 September – 8 September 2023.


High school graduates with a baccalaureate degree can enter the admission contest or of schools equivalent to high school, citizens of Romania or of the European Union, European Economic Area and the Swiss Confederation.

For the citizens of the European Union, other than the Romanian citizens, it is necessary equivalence of the high school graduation diploma at the Ministry of National Education.

People with disabilities can also enroll, provided that the ailments suffer to be recommended for vocational education.

Documents required for registration (submitted in an envelope file):

  • Standard application for registration from the secretariats of the faculties;
  • Birth certificate color copy accompanied by the original, to certify compliance copy of the original by the person responsible for this (according to OG 41/2016, Art.20, paragraph 2);
  • Color copy ID card accompanied by the original to certify compliance copy of the original by the person responsible for this (according to OG 41/2016, Art.20, paragraph 2);
  • Original baccalaureate diploma or graduate certificate with exam baccalaureate, for the 2018 promotion (in the case of candidates enrolled in another faculty, it will be present a certified copy);
  • Certificate of student status (for students wishing to attend a second specialization);
  • Bachelor’s degree or graduation diploma accompanied by a color copy certified by the person who has designated duties in this regard, for graduates who wish to follow a second specialization;
  • Medical certificate, issued by the school offices or by the territorial dispensary of which belongs to the family doctor, which shows that they are suitable for the profile and the specialization in which it competes. Candidates with chronic disabilities and conditions will present and a medical certificate endorsed by the county medical commission of school expertise and professional, in which the degree of deficiencies will be expressly mentioned;
  • 4 identity card photos;
  • the receipt with the registration fee; registration fee no it is returnable after the start of the exam.
  • the registration fee will be 200 lei for all specializations except the fee for specialization History and theory of art which will be 100 lei;
  • The application for exemption from the registration fee, to which the supporting documents are attached.

Exemption from admission fees

The following are exempt from admission:

  • orphans of both parents;
  • those who come from orphanages or family placement;
  • children of teaching and auxiliary teaching staff in state education (including those of retired or deceased).
  • Candidates will submit proof certificates for the admission fee.

After the final conclusion of the registration, the admission commission draws up the nominal lists of candidates registered, in alphabetical order, by specializations, endorsed by the dean and approved by rector. The lists are displayed on the admission panel 24 hours before the start of the first samples. Any notification of the candidates regarding the inaccuracy of the data on these lists is verified immediately and corrected, with the approval of the dean, no later than 3 hours before the start the first test.

Upon registration, candidates receive a competition card; based on it and the book of identity are received in the competition hall.

The procedure for enrolling graduates with a bachelor’s or state diploma to follow a second specialization is identical to that of the candidates in the admission competition and takes place at the same time and under the same conditions.




The admission contest takes place according to the following schedule:

1st Test, 2nd Test: July 27, 2022 (8:00 a.m.);

3rd test: July 28, 2022 – 8:00 am.


TEST I (eliminatory, assessed with admitted / rejected)

– INTERVIEW – online (Skype, Zoom, Teams), 15 min., in English


 26 July, 2023 (8:00 a.m.)

TEST II (eliminatory, assessed with admitted / rejected)

– DRAWING – practical, 5 (five) hours


27 July, 2023  (8:00 a.m.)

TEST III (rated with marks from 1 to 10)

– COMPOSITION – practically, 5 (five) hours